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Dec 24, 2021
In IC: Journals and Diaries
"You know that sense of dread you get when you suddenly realize what a terrible decision you've made? I've realized this feeling in the most apparent form possible. It set upon my instantly and immediately, when the ship I booked passage on from Silverymoon was nearly split in half, lolling to one side like a sick animal as it tried to cut a path across the sea. But such is the risk you take when you chose a life of adventure over the grind of certainty. I had a decent career as a merchant, producing and selling tailored garments of varied sorts. It wasn't that it was a bad job. But that was just the problem. That mediocre feeling of wasting away into a mundane monotonous void was my biggest fear. Hence why I set out with the highest aspirations of becoming a wordsmith and author of the highest degree! Washing up on the gloomy shores of this realm certainly put a hamper on things. Not to mention these torn rags are absolutely dreadful to wear. But there is a silver lining to most stories. In this new chapter, it seems our misty domain has a shortage of taletellers well versed in prose and narrative. Perhaps this was the start of my big break after all, though not on the stage I desired. The inhabitants here all share that same shellshocked, vacant stare of confusion and loss that we all seem to have experienced. It is an odd thing, all these shipwrecks, and there is likely some long-lost lore to explain why. Something to consider for future tales. I took it upon myself to answer some of my fellow castaways call for help and revive a downed member of their party nearly bled out in a cave. It felt good to contribute admittedly, and I think I see my place here using my gift of eloquence and words to alleviate the almost palpable misery that has settled upon these lands. And then it struck me. The run down tavern! I can set my own stage. Certainly, it will take some elbow grease and dedication, but surely that's worth having a venue to call home? A place where the arts, merriment, and a bit of revelry can be shared would do this place some good, there's surely a need. I shall get to work right away"
J'ystn Chance- Rise to Fame content media

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