"No one in Haze has plot immunity. From the lowliest Halfling to the Righteous Leader of one of the Hamlets, they are all mortal" - Founding Fathers of Haze, 2003


Haze: Saltborne is not your typical rinse-and-repeat, hack and slash role-play gameworld, it's a hardcore immersion-storied saga. We strive for a high intensity, fear and narrative realism, for that end death is permanent. We want to make it as memorable as possible.

We host a server on Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition to create this immersive experience.  Join us today and write your saga.


Survival, realistic gameplay

Gritty Low-Magic

Haze is gritty compared to D&D fantasy: it's realistic within reason and low-magic; like in the more traditional fantasy books.

Healing is also not a common occurrence as we want players to take injuries seriously. Levels are low and gains are slow.


Character death is permanent (PvE+PvP)

True Permadeath

Death is permanent, there are no respawns or resurrections. 

We want players to react with reasonable fear, that actions will have true consequences, and that our narrative, and the life and death of characters therein, will have meaning. Ergo, permadeath is a core mechanic of our gameworld.


Role-play intensive

We highly value and reward role-play, and it is the main way of getting XP, through DM rewards and other player rewards.

We haven't disabled XP for killing creatures completely, but we've come close to that. Creatures still provide a minimal amount of XP to maintain an essence of RPG'ness.

"Plotlines are not dictated from above - when powerful factions of players and non-player characters meddle in the storylines, no one can be sure of the outcome. One thing is for sure: Haze is never a dull place, often surprising the DMs as much as the players." - Founding Fathers of Haze, 2003

Immersive role-playing with high-standards
and rewards for the dedicated, creative RP'ers


Hamlet Life

Haze is a social, interactive experience that stretches the limits of your role-play expertise. A lot of our gameplay bread and butter lies in hamlet-building, political affairs, your rank/reputation and position in town.

In fact, if enough players will it, they can even start their own hamlet.


Players-driven & Dynamic

A core beauty of Haze is that it's dynamic, it morphs and changes,  Players actions can change the gameworld and the gameplay, for better or for worse. Nothing is guaranteed to remain static.

Non-player characters are few and far between but they too can die, switch sides, move away, or respond to change just as easily as player characters can.

Anything can change. ANYTHING!

A community-based, social experience


A novel is being written live, take screenshots, keep your chat logs!

Ongoing narrative

We want everything recorded, so at the end of a serverwide megaplot, we have a great story to tell or a movie we can watch together.

Permadeath is harsh, we know, the least we can do is eternalize characters and stories that are worthy of telling.


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