Our Vision for Haze: Saltborne

Haze: Saltborne aims to become the world's most immersive online roleplaying environment. Whether you stay for days, weeks, or (hopefully) years, we strive to provide a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.

The following are our cornerstones:

Immersive Roleplay

When you log on, you are entering another world. We want your speech and actions to reflect your character, not you, the player. There are no "lolz," "lmao," or "k" in Haze. We take roleplay seriously and expect you to stay in character at all times while on the server. If you are new to roleplaying, the community is here to help you along.

Player Driven

There are staff that maintain the server and dungeon masters that help enrich the world and facilitate narrative progression. But this is your story, and we're building it together. We aim to ensure that the path your character treads, whether short or long, can impact the memories of fellow characters, the overall narrative, and even the very physical fabric of the world.


There is a marked lack of access to resurrection. We aren't out to get you, but when the reaper comes knocking, your character's death becomes part of the story's fabric.

Hardcore, Survivalist and Low Level

This is a harsh world and a hard game. If you want easy, this isn't it. You won't find +5 swords that light up on fire, +2 gold armor that teleports you, or potions that make you invincible. You are playing in a survial-ish setting on an unforgiving island.


The world and community has to be fun. We want you to enjoy your time here. The Haze: Saltborne team came together from a previous game world that ran 20 years ago. It was the most fun gaming experience we'd ever had. We want you to look back on your time here with those same feelings.

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